Friday, 30 November 2018

Athletics Day

Just recently we had our school athletics day. At the different activities there was two older kids from Tamaki Collage to keep track of our scores. There were two different teams: Team A and Team B. In those teams were four team colors. Yellow, blue, red and green. I was on Team B Blue. The teams wore the colors of their team to represent them will playing the activities. Our day started at 11:00. Our first activity was robe the nest. The four teams were put into the corners of the hall. In the corners would be a nest (hula hoop). Scattered on the floor was a bunch of tennis balls. Our goal was to see who can get the most tennis balls in their nest before the timer ends. If there was no tennis balls left your team mates could steel them from the other teams nest. In each team there was a tagger. If you got tagged you couldn't move until one of your teams mates unstuck you. The next activity we played was long jump. Each team would take turns getting a run up and seeing how far they can jump. You would put a cone wherever your team jumped the furthest. Then we went to the sponge relay. What we had to do was: a sack race to the sponge, then roll under a pole and jump over a line. When we got to the end we dunked the sponge into the bucket full of water. Then we raced back to our colored buckets to see who could retrieve the most water. After we played shot put. We had to do a proper shot put throw and see which team could get the furthest. To help us we put a cone wherever the ball bounced not rolled. Our next activity was throwing the hula hoop on the three different objects. We did this until the end of the rotation. In the end we wrote down who got the highest score. For our last activity we had the egg and spoon race. We had to: zig zag in between the cones, go over the chair and stand on one leg for 5 seconds. Then we had to race back to the line. All teams competed to see if they could finish faster than each other. We ended the day with some sausages and races.

Art Tech

For tech I have been taking art. Recently I have finished my art work. The first step was to draw your designs on a piece of paper. Once I finished I transferred them on to my wood block. Then I colored in the design. I also made sure to include white and yellow. After, I started carving out the white parts on my board. Then I painted yellow on to the board. I then put my board on top of a piece of paper to print out the design. Once I finished printing yellow I carved out all the parts with yellow.  I repeated this step on three pieces of paper. I did this process for every color until I had my final design which you can see in the photo at the top.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Read Theory Progress Chart

While I have been in Learning Space Two I have been practicing my reading by using Read Theory. For the past two years I have been using this program. Today the class have gathered information from our Read Theory accounts to create a statistical analysis that shows our improvement between last year and this year. Throughout the years my grades have gotten higher. This is because I have learned from my past quizzes to help improve my reading more.The boxes surrounding the graph is my hypothesis about why my progress looks the way it does.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Book Week - Why is the cover important?

This week is book week. Today we were put into groups and rotated to the different stations. We would answer questions or give our opinion. Once we finished going to all of the stations I chose a question to do a statistical analysis on. The question was: Why is the cover important?. I used a pie graph to show reasons why a cover is important. I also used a bar graph to show how much people in our class voted for how important the cover is. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

World War 1 Question

Today we have been learning about World War 1. We had a couple of minutes to write down all the questions we had about the war. Once we finished my partners Lyric and Zane helped me to choose one of the questions to research about. Our question was: Why did the World war 1 end so suddenly?. We created a google drawing showing all of our knowledge about this question. We also added links to the websites we used.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Armistice Day Commemoration

Today we had our own commemoration for Armistice Day. This day is celebrated to remember the end of world war 1 and the soldiers who fought for our country. The whole school and staff members sat outside to listen to the oaths. We all sat around a cross that had poppies buried inside it. We used poppies because they became the symbol for Armistice Day. Our principle also spoke on this day. Our vice principle read the Flanders field poem. The head students: Jeremiah and myself read the oath. He said it in Maori and I said it in English. We also had a representative from the New Zealand defense force speak to us. Afterwards we turned around to look at the flag while Reveille played. We had a minute of silence to reflect on everything. We turned back around and two people from each classroom placed their signed poppies on the fence. They put the poppies next to three olive trees. These trees represented the past, present and future. That signaled the end of the commemoration.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Armistice Day 11/11/1918

Recently we have been learning about Armistice Day. On Friday we will be having a ceremony for this day at our school. Today my partner Zane and I made a collage of photos that showed the happiness and excitement of the families and the armies. This was to show how people felt when the war ended. This started in 1914 and ended in 1918. There was 135 countries who fought in this war. The treaty was signed in Compiegne, France. The German were also made to surrender all their military weaponry and pay 35$ Billion dollars for the damage. Over 16 million people died and 37 million people were wounded during the war. This is why people were so relieved when the fighting had stopped.