Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Building an mBot

Today I had the opportunity to work with some classmates to build and programme a Mbot. This challenge really got us to collaborate and it really motivated us to keep going. This Mbot was won by Lyndon from the GEG summit we went to last Friday. The hardest part of this process is programming it because we still are trying to figure out how to do it. Besides that I hope Lyndon persuades Mr Johnson to buy some for our school because it requires collaboration, determination and it is a fun experience I think every student in our school should experience.  

Ormiston Google Education Presentation

On Friday 11 August Daniel, Lyndon, Jeremiah, Shannon, Mrs Anderson and I went to the Ormiston Primary to share our knowledge of making animations on google slides. We took a school van to the Ormiston Primary with students from Tamaki Collage. Once we got there I was really nervous. We got signed up and went to our presentation station. We presented our amazing animation presentation to a lot of people from different schools. We helped them create their very own animation on google slides, and I think they did really good. After we presented we went to check out other presentations. The first station we went to was breakout. We were split into two groups and each group had to unlock their box using the clues inside the room. I found it really cool. The last station we went to was robotics, which I thought was the funniest station. We learned to control a robot made of legos using a program. At the end we went to the huge auditorium for the prizes. Lyndon won a mBot. After they gave out the prizes we went back to school.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


This is my flex tangle that I made. We did this because this week is maths week. The next flexagon that we are creating is a hexaflexagon. I'm working on my hexaflexagon. I learnt how to score with scissors. One thing that I like about this flex tangle is that you could create the designs and how it shows different images when you flip it.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Oh how it feels to reminiscence the good days, well that's for the 1970's kids. We took a dance through the decades and Zoe our dance instructor choose three different hits we will dance to. We were split into three different groups for the three different songs. The songs were I see red, Footloose and staying alive. Today I learned something called rewindable learning. Rewindable learning is when you can go back and fix your mistake. My group and I were practicing our dance to I see red. I think we need to work on being in time.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Winter Learning Journey Assembly

Winter Learning Journey Assembly

The Winter Learning Journey program was really fun. For assembly Rachel came to our school to give prizes to the top bloggers of our school. Unfortunately I did not win a prize but I did participate in the Winter Learning Journey program so I got a certificate. I want to give a big thank you to Rachel and her team for making this possible. I really enjoyed learning new facts about the different parts of New Zealand.

Food Tech - Week 3

For food tech we made scones. Scones are a delicious easy to make bread/cake. My partner Affonso and I had separate jobs. I worked on cutting the meat and Affonso worked on the butter. Once we finished mixing all the ingredients in the large bowl we used a cookie cutter to cut out the scones. While we cleaned our station the scones were in the oven cooking. After a couple of minutes the scones were done and ready to eat. I really enjoyed making and eating the scones!!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The suffrage movement

Our focus for reading is the suffragette movement. My group and I had a learning conversation about the movement. The suffragettes were a group of women who fought for the equal rights to vote in the election. We shared the different information we learned from a video we watched about the suffragettes. We turned all of our information about the suffragette movement into a 25 word summary. I found it amazing that New Zealand was the very first country to win the rights for women to vote.