Monday, 26 February 2018

Winter Olympics and PBS Comparsion

Panmure Bridge School has many similarities with the Winter Olympics, but we also have differences. Today I worked with Jericho to create a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting the Winter Olympics and PBS. We found that we share some of the same values such as respect and excellence. We also found that we have different motto's. We did this to find the differences and similarities between PBS and the Winter Olympics.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Maths Elective Problem

Today for our maths task we were solving a maths problem. I was working with Mataio. For this problem we used our multiplication, division and subtraction skills. We found this problem a little hard but as we worked it out it became easier. From today's work I learnt how to use my times table facts to find a fraction of a set.

Design Brief

Today at graphics we talked about design briefing.We wrote down a bunch of who, what, where, when and how questions. After writing them I answered the questions. Then we made a comparison between two different mobile stands we found on the internet. We compared the color the style and some of the materials.

Design Brief


What can the design be used for?
Hold the phone for video watching or charging
Photo stand
What can you do with the design?
Hold the phone at a good angle
What would the design look like?
Hold your phone in the right angle or position
What am I going to design?
Stand holder for a mobile phone
What will the design be made from?
In the 3D printer with ABS plastic
What is the process of making the design?
Use the 3D printer


Where am I going to put the design?
In your house or car
Where can the design be used?
At home
In your bedroom
In your kitchen
In your living room
Where are we going to make the design?
In T10


Why do we need the design?
Watching long videos so your hand doesn’t get tired
Why are we making the design?
To hold the mobile phone when it is charging or when watching a long video


Who will use the design?
Who can I give this design to?
Who will like this design so much that they want one?
Who will make the design?


When will we take the design home?
In about ten weeks
When will we finish the design?
In about eight weeks
When are they going to use the design?
When your too lazy to hold your phone when watching a video or when it is charging
When will the design break?
When you don’t treat it properly


How long would it last?
As long are the parts are strong it would last
How durable are the materials?
If you don’t make the parts skinny it won’t snap it
How would the design be helpful?
To be a phone holder
How would we make the design?

Using the 3D printer

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Olympic Values

Today Jericho and I were doing some researching. We created a table about the PBS and Winter Olympics. Using the information we found we were able to find the values and motto's of PBS and Winter Olympics. We used this table to make a comparison to find the differences and similarities between them.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Chinese New Year Explanation

How is the Chinese New Year celebrated?

Temple at night illuminated with light from decorations
Photo by Flying Pharmacist, CC BY-SA 3.0

Chinese New Year is the marking of the start of a new year. This celebration begins on the new moon and ends on the full moon fifteen days later. It is celebrated with special meals, gift giving and visits to family and friends.

During this celebration people prepare traditional foods such as egg rolls, noodles and shrimp. These different traditional dishes also have their own meaning. The egg rolls symbolise wealth for the upcoming year because they look like bars of gold. The noodles represent a healthy and long life, as long as you don’t cut them. The shrimps mean happiness because in Mandarin shrimp has a close meaning to smile.

Throughout Chinese New Year, you will see decorations that contain the colors red and gold. The meaning behind the red is happiness, because it was the color that was used to defeat the monster Nian. They use these colors on a lot of their decorations such as banners, flags and envelopes. These red envelopes (Hong Bao) are given to children and unmarried adults to give them good fortune and luck.

Chinese New Year celebrations end with a lantern festival and parade lead by dancing dragons and lions. This is because Chinese people use traditional dances to recreate and tell stories. In their dances they use different animals and creatures such as dragons and lions. All of the traditional dances have played a part in their history.

The Chinese New Year is the marking of the start of a new year. It brings family and friends across the world together, to celebrate good fortune.

Today my partner Te Pounamu and I wrote an explanation about the Chinese New Year. The reason was to help remind us how to write a proper explanation. To help us we used TIIC. Title, introduction, information and conclusion. We used simple, compound and complex sentences to improve our writing. We made sure to use present tense when writing our explanation. When we finished the writing we used DRAFT. Delete, rearrange, add, fix and talk. We used this to make sure our sentences made sense.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Assembly Presentation

Today at assembly I was presenting with my classmate Jeremiah. We were presenting in front of Rachel who works with the learning journey program. We also presented in front of Miki who is a member of the NEXT foundation. When I first started I was a bit nervous because this is only my second time presenting as a head student. Throughout the year I think I would get more used to presenting.


This week at kiwi can our focus is positive relationships. We played a game called 10 second tag. We were split into 3 teams. 1 team would wear bibs and the other team would wear no bibs. One team was given a tennis ball and their goal was tag as many people as they can in 10 seconds. The rules were when you have the ball you can't move and the only thing you could do was pass the ball. I found this game easy because my team was great with communication.

First Lesson In Graphics

Today at graphics we created a google drawing called all about me. In this google draw I put images of what I like to do and some of my favorite brands. I used my research skills to find transparent images. To make the cartoon image of me I used the avatar maker site. In graphics our goal is to make a 3D printed mobile phone holder.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

The Treaty of Waitangi

Today our focus in reading was the treaty of waitangi. My reading group read a book called the pathway. It was about how the treaty of waitangi came to be. Ofa, Sky, Joseph and I found the 20 most important words from the story. Then we found the 6 most important words out of the 20 most important words. Using those words we wrote a short summary of the story.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Morning Routine

  1. Shower
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Leave
Morning Routine

Every morning I repeat my morning routine. During the school week my morning routine
stays the same. I get out of bed take a shower, eat breakfast and leave.
As much as I want to I don’t take long showers because I have to get to school on time.

Every morning I get out of bed and the first thing I do is take a warm shower.
I have a five minute shower so I won’t be late for school. After my shower I get into
my uniform and put on my badges. After that I go to the kitchen for my breakfast.

When I get to the kitchen my breakfast will already be prepared.
For breakfast I usually have two pieces of toast or a bowl of cereal.
With my breakfast I enjoy a nice hot cup of tea. After my breakfast
I brush my teeth, then make my lunch.

For my lunch I try to keep it simple.
I usually just have a bag of chips, a muesli bar, mandarin and Le Snak.
I always try to have a piece of fruit in my lunch. After I have finished
packing my lunch I leave for school.

When it is pouring rain I get a ride from my mom but If it is sunny I just walk to school.
I enjoy walking to school because walking helps your body to be more healthier.
I always walk the same way to and from school with my little sister.
The morning routine is always the same and it is repeated from Monday to Friday.
Today for writing we were working on writing an explanation. I choose to write about my morning routine. After writing my explanation I had a classmate proof read it. I also made sure to DRAFT my work to make sure it had language features and made sense.

Winter Olympics Mascots

Today my group and I were learning about the winter Olympic mascots that have been picked throughout the year. The current mascot for the 2018 winter Olympics is Soohorang, which a white tiger from South Korea. My group and I found another winter Olympics mascot from 2006. We choose Neve & Gliz. Jericho, Harlem and I decided to compare the two mascots to find the similarities and the differences.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Winter Olympics Comparison

Today for inquiry we were learning about the 1924 winter Olympics and the modern Olympics. Once we finished researching about them we made a Venn diagram. Harlem, Jericho and I wrote down the differences and the similarities between the 1924 and modern winter Olympics.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Blog Post Analysis

Today I made a graph recording the blog post I did throughout the years. I made an analysis and explained the reasons why I had that many post during that year. Throughout the years my blog post have gone up except 2018 because it was our first day back at school. For this activity the focus was to carry out a statistical inquiry.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Can you guess what I did over the holidays?

Over the holidays I have done many things and one of them were going to the beach. I described my trip using only seven sentences. I wrote a recount of what I heard, seen, felt and wondered. I tried to describe my trip without giving to much detail. In my writing I used language features like personification and similes.