Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Fraidoon & Alex Maths Problem

Today for one of our maths activities I solved a salary maths problem. Fraidoon and Alex both got a job at the same time and they both had different salaries. The problem I solved was how much would they have earned in 5 years. My goal was to problem solve involving money. I also used multiple operations to solve this equation.

Travel Data

Today for one of our maths activities I did a pie graph about the different transportation that people take to school. I also compared our results to the school in England. This pie graph shows that the most used transportation is a car. We also were given questions to answer about the English results.


Today for maths one of our activities were to solve an age problem. To solve this problem I used subtraction, addition, division and multiplication. I found this activity easy because I have had experience with this. My goal was to solve this problem using multiple operations.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Punctuation Writing

Today for writing we were using a fake iPhone texting app to talk back and forth to ourselves. Once I finished writing our conversation I took a screenshot and put it onto a google drawing. Then I wrote out the messages on the side of the image to show the punctuation.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Seasons Poem

This week we have been learning about poems. We read a poem called Seasons. This poem was about the repetitive cycle of the tree throughout the seasons. After reading the poem I created a google drawing answering the questions and activities we were given. In this DLO I find four metaphors from the poem and I give three examples of metaphors also.

Lung Capacity in LS2

This week for inquiry we are learning about the human body system. For today's activity we measured our lung capacity using balloons. We took one deep breath in and then out into the balloon. Once we measured everyone's balloons we put the information onto a google spreadsheet. I turned the information into a bar graph. Looking at this graph you can see that Julian has the biggest lung capacity and Avalon has the smallest lung capacity. From this graph you can see Jack, Jericho and myself have the same lung capacity.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Body system

Today for inquiry we were learning about body systems. I learned that there are 11 body systems in your body. We were given a link to read about the different body parts and what they do. After we played a game were we either had to assemble the bones of the human body or label the different bones in the body.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Hineahuone (The First Woman)

This week for reading we have been learning about a Maori legend called the first woman (Hineahuone). This story is about how the first woman on earth came to be. Tane Mahuta (god of the forest) prised apart Ranginui (father of the sky) and (Papatuanuku) mother of the earth. Once Tane Mahuta and his brothers were finished making all things on earth they noticed that there were no other people to enjoy it with. With that being said they went and begged the gods to help them make the first woman on earth. They used red earth to form her and the breath of Tawhiri Matea, god of the wind to give her life. Once learning the story my pranter Zane and I used storyboard to retell the legend through pictures.

La Tour Mollet d'Auvergne - The Unfinished Beer

Today we got to learn about a man named La Tour Mollet d'Auvergne (Ted). He served as a machine gun battalion in 1941. Unfortunately he was killed by the German elite. Ted was only 35 years of age. There was a poem written aabout Ted. It was about him leaving a beer at a bar called Waihao Forks and saying he will come back for it when he gets home from the war. Sadly he never did.

Sailing Have a Go!

This Wednesday 23 people were given a special opportunity to learn how to sail, I was lucky enough to be a part of the that. We packed our bags and took a bus all the way to Okahu bay. We got to met our instructor Maria who was from Argentina. First we were taught how to set up the boat we would be sailing on. Then we put on our sailing gear and started to put our boats into the water. We learned how to control the boat and after we started to playing games like netball and follow the leader. Although I returned to school with a few cuts I really enjoyed the special experience. A big thank you to Mr Ogilvie for organizing the trip and Mr Johnston. Ms Kirkpatrick and Mrs Colenbrander for supervising us.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Yesterday we started reading a sophisticated picture book called Memorials. It was written by Gary Crew and Illustrated by Shaun Tan. As we read through the book we created a presentation to record information and take apart the story to get a better understanding about it. Once we finished we chose one of the slides from the presentation to blog about. I chose to blog about that Shaun Tan said about the book. In this slide I explained what Shaun Tan's quote meant and I also added an example of the quote from the book.

If you want to see the full presentation click here