Friday, 31 March 2017

Tech - Hard Materials

Today for woodwork I start on my second joint. I started to chisel out the middle part. Once I was done I moved on to putting the pieces of wood into the joint. I then moved onto doing the walls. I have a good feeling that i'm going to finish it next week.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Tennis & Futsal

Today we went down to the dunk kurk tennis courts to play fustal and tennis. Martin runs fustal and Neville runs the tennis. For fustal we were put into three times. There was a red, black and white team, I was in the white team. Our first game was against red and neither team scored a point. Our second game was against the black team and both teams scored one so it was a tie. Next we moved on to tennis. We learned how to do ups and downs and how to walk the dog with a tennis ball. We were told to focus on the ball when playing tennis. We got into pairs and through the ball over the net using under arm to the other partner on the other side of the net. My partner was San Kyaw and we both agreed that we had learnt a lot. A big thank you to Martin and Neville.

Kokako bird

The Kokako bird is known to live in New Zealand native forests. This info-graphic does not only tell you where it lives but what it eats, its predators and a description of what it looks like. I have provided images of the birds to show you what a north and south Kokako bird looks like. This tells you all you need to know about the Kokako bird.


Photo Story

After a very long and fun trip at camp I made a photo story of the things I did there from day one to day four. In this I have put things like my groups rotations, camp concert and the pools. I had a great time at camp and definitely recommend for you to go to Kokako Lodge.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Archery - Recount


I was melting in the sun as we walked to the archery set up. The rocks from the pathway were slippery making it harder to walk. We finally got there and everybody was excited and ready to shoot some arrows.

JR the instructor gave us a lesson on how to hold a bow and how to shoot it. After that the first group of people went up and grabbed a bow including me.

I stretched the string and let go feeling confident but unfortunately it went shooting for the ground. I hoped that the next arrow will hit the board. I pulled back with my right eye open looking straight at the board. Then I shot, it went straight for the board and hit it. I was full of excitement but kept calm on the outside. 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Wai Care?

In reading today the R group for reading had to do this feedback slide. We did Reciprocal Reading and my role was to be the leader. Then we did this feedback slide.

Auckland Conserving Water

Have you wonder why Auckland has been asked to conserve water? From this information you can found out how to save water and why we should save water. As you can see in the image provided above there was a flood. Floods cause a lot of water to go down the drains, and when the storm water drains over flow with to much water it comes up from the drain. The water spreads the bacteria from the sewage to our drinking water which is causing a water shortage. If we can save 20 liters a day until march the over flow would die down.

Article and Video

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Balloon Pop

Today I played a decimal ordering game called balloon pop. What you have to do is it would show a pattern of decimals and you would have to do the next decimal in the pattern, this is my score.

Friday, 10 March 2017



Today for woodwork I finished my sketch of the house design. Now I was onto marking and measuring my piece of wood. The first measurement I made was marking how long I wanted the piece to be. Then I used the squared ruler to make my straight line across and down the sides of my piece of wood. The line would show you were I need to cut. I used the clamp to hold down my board, and put my piece of wood on top. I grabbed a saw and started to cut. Once I was finished I would put my name on both of the pieces of wood. Once I had my two pieces I had to start marking my joint on the long piece of wood. I measured how far in my joint needed to be. I finished marking the top and needed to do the half way line on the sides. I used a point measurement and marked a deep line for the halfway line. This is for the chisel to chisel the piece out.