Sunday, 9 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 9

Winter Learning Journey - Activity

For this winter learning journey activity I went on a walk with Curious Kiwi through a forest. While walking I noticed that Curious Kiwi is nowhere to be found. Now I have to write 8-10 sentences on what while happen next.
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I look around and Curious Kiwi is nowhere to be found. My heart starts to race my hands start shake. I feel the wind glide against my back. "Curious Kiwi, Curious Kiwi" I cried. I look in every direction with my back against the tree. Then suddenly I hear bush rattle. It sent chills up my spin. Then I felt a soft tap on my shoulder. I turned as quickly as possible to see..... Curious Kiwi! I took a big breath of relief.


  1. Hi Tiava,
    I was very intrigued by the short story you have written. I like how you have added different types of punctuation in your story.
    - Zahra

  2. Hi Tiava
    I absolutely love the image you added in. It makes your story that little bit more scarier. Keep up the amazing work.

  3. Hi Tiava. Your story paints a story in my head. Remember to double check your work before posting it. Anyways keep up the great work, you have been doing.

  4. Hello Tiava, I like how you have used some powerful words to make your short story sound really interesting to read. Keep up the fantastic work.

  5. Hi Tiava
    Nice story! I like how you added the image, It really makes it easier to imagine your story. Were there monsters in the woods?
    Great story

  6. Hey Tiava,

    This is a really creative story, full of great adjectives and verbs, well done! I love that yo have added a spooky picture to illustrate your writing too!

    Nicky :)