Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Angles Math Problem

Today in maths my group was learning about angles. We were given a task sheet about solving the missing angles. I used the rule: The interior angles of a triangle all add up to the same value 180 degrees. I choose one of the questions to write about. In this google draw I explained how I solved the problem and what I used. I found this activity to be easy because I have learned about angles before.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Duffy Assembly

Today this Tuesday we had a Duffy assembly. This is when we receive our Duffy books that are donated to us by mainfreight. We also had some visitors that came to talk to us. Matt Johnson is a rugby player and Taylah Hodson was a BMX rider. Taylah is trying to get her law degree and Matt is trying to be a PE teacher. They taught as that reading is important for a lot of life changing opportunities.

Life At PBS

Today I created a collage of photos about life at PBS. I did this to get my silver respect badge. Panmure Bridge School is a manaiakalani, that means we do a lot of blogging and we take part in lots of outside functions. In our class room our goal is to get 5 blog post a week. People from other places come to our school to teach us about different things like water care, sports and fitness.

Stephen Hawking

Today we were learning about someone who had recently died. Sadly, Stephen Hawking died because of a disease called motor neuron or ASL. Lyric, Jonathan and I created a google slides explaining what he did and what he was known for. He did a lot of great things throughout his life span and he will always be remembered.

Setting Description - The Tunnel

The Tunnel

The fallen leaves filled the ground. The smell of damp trees filled
the air. Water ran off the leaves and splashed onto the wet dirt.
It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. A pathway ran across the
forest leading to a strange pitch black tunnel. All you could see was
a puddle at the entrance slowly creeping forward. As I walked into
the tunnel the air got cold and the smell was dreadful. With every
step the water got higher and higher. Then a light at the end of the
tunnel leisurely appeared. Once I got to the end the sun hit me like a
beam. I thought I was going to melt. I could finally catch a glimpse
of what was in front, and it was beautiful.

Today for writing our focus was a setting description. We were given a picture to base our writing off of. We used 5-7-10 to help us do our writing. I used lots of different language features to make my writing more interesting.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Rounding Numbers To 2 Decimal Points

Today for maths we have been playing a game. We were working on rounding numbers to 2 decimal points. You had to read the question and get the correct answer. The goal was to help the boy get enough money to buy a scooter.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Character Description

Robert was a wealthy man. He was also a very obnoxious neighbor.
He believed that magic existed, so he was slaving away in his garage
all day. Everyone thought he was a crazy man with a crazy fortune
in the bank. It was rare that you’d not see him with the same
clothes on. Robert lived alone, so he tried to prove that magic exists
to all of his neighbors. No one believed him.

Until one day he was out in the middle of his massive backyard.
Chairs surrounded him, it was strange.
Suddenly they started to levitate.
Everyone stood outside their houses in shock.
“I finally did it” he screamed.

Today for writing my group were doing character descriptions. We read some of the examples to help us. We were given a photo to base our writing about. In my writing I used simple, compound and complex sentences to make it more interesting.

5-7-10 Writing

The Strange Boy

The leaves rustled as he walked alongside the road.
He was all alone and lost.
This town was like a desert. I wonder where he’d come from.
His hair was pitch black and his clothes were ripped.
In his hands he held a large crumpled map.
As he kept walking he slowly disappeared.
I was curious about his sudden disappearance so I decided to follow
the strange boy. I searched every corner of the town until I found
him wondering in a forest nearby. I tried my best not to be heard in
the forest of fallen leaves and broken branches.
I followed him to an abandoned house.
The wooden floors screeched as he walked into the house.
“Who are you!?” I yelled. He didn’t say a word. “Who are you!?”
I repeated. Then he disappeared into the house.
Sweat dripped down my face. And my hands started to get clammy.
I knew I was going to regret this but I opened the door and walked
in. The boy was nowhere to be found. A big banging noise made
my ears ring. It started to get closer and closer but then it stopped.
I turned around and saw a familiar face. Who was he?
What was he doing here?

For writing we have been working on our 5-7-10 writing. We were given a image to write about. I used simple, compound and complex sentences to make my writing more interesting. I highlighted my simple sentences yellow, my compound sentences were highlighted blue and my complex sentences were highlighted pink.