Tuesday, 13 March 2018

5-7-10 Writing

The Strange Boy

The leaves rustled as he walked alongside the road.
He was all alone and lost.
This town was like a desert. I wonder where he’d come from.
His hair was pitch black and his clothes were ripped.
In his hands he held a large crumpled map.
As he kept walking he slowly disappeared.
I was curious about his sudden disappearance so I decided to follow
the strange boy. I searched every corner of the town until I found
him wondering in a forest nearby. I tried my best not to be heard in
the forest of fallen leaves and broken branches.
I followed him to an abandoned house.
The wooden floors screeched as he walked into the house.
“Who are you!?” I yelled. He didn’t say a word. “Who are you!?”
I repeated. Then he disappeared into the house.
Sweat dripped down my face. And my hands started to get clammy.
I knew I was going to regret this but I opened the door and walked
in. The boy was nowhere to be found. A big banging noise made
my ears ring. It started to get closer and closer but then it stopped.
I turned around and saw a familiar face. Who was he?
What was he doing here?

For writing we have been working on our 5-7-10 writing. We were given a image to write about. I used simple, compound and complex sentences to make my writing more interesting. I highlighted my simple sentences yellow, my compound sentences were highlighted blue and my complex sentences were highlighted pink.

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  1. Kia ora Tiava
    I love your story, the first sentence pelled me in, it was great. Maybe before you go to post the story, check preview and see if the story pops out to the side and if it does maybe move the format or size around.
    Keep up the great work
    P.S. Here is my blog address Kia ora Jonathan
    Skiing is in the winter olympics and skiing runs very well in my family. I like the way you had put how the are flags different but you should maybe check your spelling.
    Keep up the great work
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