Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Today my partner San Kyaw and I had created a google slides showing and telling that putting your punctuation in the right place makes your sentence make sense. Punctuation helps people understand what your actually trying to say and so they can understand your sentence.

25 Word Summary

Today for Inquiry my  group and I had talked about how you can be an Agent Of Change. We also talked about what is the reason for an Agent Of Change and what it means. Once we had shared our ideas and opinions with the whole group we got into pairs. In those pairs we had to write a 25 word summary about an Agent Of Change. My partner Fraidon and I had worked together and created the 25 word summary you see above this text.


E-ako Maths - Place Value

Today for maths I had went on to E-ako maths and played a place value lesson. Here I had to make tens and finish of the rest of the equation.

Comparative and Superlative

Today for writing I had to write down the comparative and superlatives for the words I was given. Comparative and superlatives are adjectives that describe nouns. Once I had finished I had to chose one of them, I chose fast, faster and fastest. I created a table with the images of fast, faster, fastest to show you what those words look like.

Monday, 27 February 2017

I am an Agent Of Change!

Today for Inquiry my partner San Kyaw and I had created a google slides showing you what an Agent Of Change is. An Agent Of Change is not only one person trying to make a difference on their own but it is a community. A community trying to make a difference for the better or the worse but in this case it is for the better. We made this to encourage people to help keep the storm water drains, oceans and rivers clean.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Omaru River

Today for Inquiry my partner Sylis and I had to create a google drawing on the Omaru River. We had to read a article and list down the positive effects and negative effects it has on the river. My partner and I had found and arbitrated some images of the Omaru River. 

WoodWork Plan

24 Feb 2017 13:44:27.jpg

Today in Woodwork I had to draw 9 simple housing joint ideas. These ideas I had drawn had to be useful for something. Once I finished drawing my ideas I had to chose my best design. My best design I had chosen was a piggy bank that was shaped like a house. This was my best design because it is easy to make and is very useful for storing your money. 

Friday, 17 February 2017

Estuary Food Web

Today I had learnt about a estuary food web. A estuary food web is a cycle of interconnected food chains. This food web is based in New Zealand. With the help of my partner Jay-Don I had created a food web of my own using some of the photos I was given. From this I learned what food webs are and how it works. I also learned about what the ecosystem is and what it means.


Image result for housing joint
Today for Woodwork I was learning about a housing joint. A housing joint is when you have a piece of wood and cut off one end and attach it to the same piece of wood. Next we needed to do a working plan that would show how it works and how your going to build but it also has to include a housing joint. We had to do up to 9 or 10 maximum of little simple drawings at the end we had to chose one the we really wanted to do and explain who or why we are giving it to them. For my wood project I chose a money bank that was shaped like a house.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Today I had learnt about Water care and what they do. Water care is a company that takes your dirty water and turns it into clean water. I had learnt that back in the old days people would poop in a bag and just throw it in the river and now a days we use a toilet. In this google slide is more detailed information about Water care and where our waste and human body waste goes and what happens to it.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

PBS C.A.R.E Values

Today I was working with Joshua, Oh Hsen, Jeremiah, Ofa, Sylis, Zarah, Te Wai, Mathias on the PBS C.A.R.E Values. We first took photos showing you what Confidants, Attitude, Respect and Excellence and Innovation looks like. The senior school follows these rules to lead a good example for the juniors. These rules help PBS to work together and outshine from the rest.