Friday, 21 October 2016

Prototec - Basic Facts

Blog Commenting

Today for a Can Do I have do some blog commenting. I have decided to comment on my classmates Savelina and Abdurrahim pieces of work. I had told them what I thought I liked about their work and what I think they should work on in a positive way.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Strategy Placemat

L.I - To comprehend word problems
L.I - to chose ''the best'' strategy to solve the problem
Today for maths I had to chose two maths problems from a variety of problems. Once I have chosen my two maths problems I had to found out what the problem is asking me to do addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Then I would have to write down my two different strategies I used to solve the problem. Once I was finished someone will check my work and write what they think about it in the check and Reflection box. I learnt how to use multiple strategies to solve one equation, but I also found it hard to pick a strategy to solve the problem.

Adelie Penguin

Today for Inquiry I had to chose a animal to do some research on. I had chosen a Adelie Penguin for my animal. Once I had finished researching I had to make a google slides answers questions I was given. I inserted videos and photos for a beater understanding of my explanations. In the process I learnt a lot about Adelie Penguins like why they migrate and when they migrate. I found it hard to find the right video to insert into the slide that will suit the description.

Emoticon Story

L.I - to infer information about characters in a text
Today for reading I had to skim and scan a story called The Wonders of Flight to find all of the characters. Once I have found all the characters I have to chose one character which was Luis. I had to keep track of Luis's feelings through out the whole story. Then I had to fill out a google drawing writing down what he or she is feeling on that page. I also had to write down my proof and insert an image of what the feeling was. I learnt how to know how a character is feeling in the text. I found it hard to find the write emoji to go with the feeling of the character.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Animal Migration

For Inquiry I have been learning about Migration. My task for lesson 4 was to make a google presentation on animals migration. The first step was to go on a Padlet and write down all the migration animals we could think of. After we made the list we had to do some research on a Godwit's Migration. I found it hard to find a animal that had the information I needed. In the process I had learnt a lot about Animal Migration and why animals migrate.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016


L.I - to learn what inferring is
Today for reading I had to make a Powtoon about my understanding of the meaning of Inferring. In the Powtoon presentation I had asked What Inferring is and what you should look for when inferring. I found it hard to chose what I should put in my Powtoon presentation. In the process I had learnt about how Inferring worked and what it was for.
Inferring Powtoon