Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Former Prime Minister

Helen Clark was one of the former Prime Ministers of New Zealand. She is now a valuable member of the United Nations. She has made New Zealand well recognised and have done great things in her time in parliament like introducing the superannuation fund. She is a very influential women and is respected by a lot of people

Democracy in New Zealand

Democracy is used in a lot of countries like Australia, England and New Zealand. Democracy derives from the Greek Language. Before the English language changed to democracy the french wrote it was démocratie In New Zealand we have the queen on top with the governor-general as her representative.

Government Party Jigsaw

Government Party Jigsaw

The election is near and in every intermediate in New Zealand we are learning about the elections. Apart of our learning we have done an activity called a Government Party Jigsaw. In the jigsaw there is all the leaders of the political parties and what electorate they are in. The two main parties are Labour and National.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Read An eBook Day

Image result for ebook day
Read an eBook day is on the 18 of September. This is a celebration of modern storytelling. On the eBook website you can read fascinating books and found out more information about the eBook day. In LS2 we have been reading eBooks through the Tamaki Collage Overdrive. It is also an online library with books and audio books. I'm currently reading a book called Beachhead. It is about a 15 year old boy named William that wakes up with no memory of his past and he is not the only one. You can found out more about this awesome book on the Tamaki Collage Overdrive.


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Say It Tika

Say It Tika

This week is Maori language week. For Maori language week I went on Say It Tika. It is a website were you can correct the saying of Maori names of streets and roads. I screened shot one I thought that the pronunciation was wrong. I also learned how to pronounce Maori streets and roads correctly.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Art Tech Week 7

Today for art tech we started our personal identity drawing. We had to divide our piece of cardboard into five different parts. In those five spaces we had to draw a picture that was related to us. I drew an American flag because I was born there and Tongan patterns because I'm part Tongan. I drew an anime character because I find anime really interesting and cool to watch.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tamaki Collage Overdrive

The Tamaki Collage Overdrive is a website that has a range of books you can read. If you like listening to books you can also select a book from the audio books section. They also have different kinds of books that range from toddlers to adults. I decided I wanted to read the book Avenged. I found the cover very interesting and eye catching. This book was about girl who was a servant at the Great Manor house. Many had died at her hands and to stop her the servant tried to kill her, but in the end she failed and lost everything. I really recommend this website for people who love to read.

Kiwi Can Week 7

This week for Kiwi Can we are talking about risky decisions. We talked about what is a risky decision and different examples of the topic. A risky decision is something dangerous. For example if your climbing a mountain there are risks and consequences. We played a game called handball. The rules were to only use your hands when controlling the ball. From the this activity I learned to work as a team and try not to make the wrong decision by not touching the ball with your feet.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

How to Stand Up to a Bully



Bullying is not okay. When you see someone getting bullied stand up and speak out. Today my friends Mataio, San Kyaw, Josh, Lyric and I created a animation to send a message about bullying. When you see someone getting bullied don't just stand there. If you're getting bullied stand up for yourself. Don't look down on someone unless you're going to pick them up.

Sentence Smackdown

Today I worked on my simple, compound and complex sentences. First I had to turn a two word sentence into a compound sentence using a fanboys. After making a compound sentence I had to turn it into a complex sentence using an AAWWUBBIS. After creating my sentences I had to illustrate on of them. I decided to illustrate the two word sentence, I'm sorry. I found it a little hard to choose the right fanboys or AAWWUBBIS for the sentence.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Read Theory

This morning I have been practicing reading using a fun website called read theory. Read theory is a website that helps you to practice your reading skills. This website helps me with my vocabulary and comprehension. You have to read a text and answer some questions about it. Once finishing a lot of test it shows you your progression.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Art Tech - Week 1

I like to draw and I couldn't wait for art tech. The first skill we worked on was our shading. We were given a piece of paper with shades that went from light to dark. We had to use a 2b pencil to try and get the similar shadings. Once we finished that task we moved on to doing the shades on some shapes. We had to have a light source so that our shading would give the affect that the light is shining on the shape. I found it a little hard to blend the shading to get a better transition but in the end I thought I did a great job.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

How to be Cybersmart

It's always important to be cyber smart. If you weren't cyber smart and told someone your address there would be not telling what will happen. When online you always have to be respectful of others and keep personal information to yourself. I made this for one of my CARE Awards. From making this I learned a lot about how to be smart online. 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Why It's Great To Be Me

Screenshot 2017-08-29 at 2.25.32 PM.png
It's great to be me because I'm energetic and really active. I never give up and I like to try new things. This is a word cloud full of words that my group and I came up with to describe why its cool to be our age. I found that kids my age are very active and can be obnoxious at times. It's great to be me!!

Monday, 28 August 2017

Possession Writing

For writing I focused on possession. Possession means when something belongs to someone. E.G The hairdressers salon. For possession writing I learned what it means when you put the punctuation mark somewhere in the word. I found this a little difficult because I got confused some of the times.

They're, Their, There Activity

For writing today I played a punctuation game called Learning Grammar. This helped me to practice my use of apostrophe's. An apostrophe is a punctuation mark that joins two words. I found this test a bit easy because I knew the different meanings of they're, their and there.

Anti-Suffrage Summary

The anti-suffrage group were against the suffrage movement. The anti-suffrage group were so determined to make sure that women did not get the vote. Using information from different sites Jeremiah and I put together a summary about the anti-suffrage movement. I'm not against women voting and if I could I would join the movement.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Reciprocal Reading Evaluation

In Reading today we have had a session with one of the reciprocal reading experts, and his name is Fraidoon. On our DLO we have the words people in our group Mataio, Sylis and Jeremiah can't define, things we need to work on and things we did with success. To do Reciprocal Reading we need to collaborate and take risks to be the leader. I had fun doing this and it was great to work with people who engaged in the learning as much as I did.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Contraction Writing

Contraction writing is a shortened form of a word or a group of words. You make these words using an apostrophe. This task for writing was to turn two words into a contraction. I found it easy to make them because I know what contractions are.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Building an mBot

Today I had the opportunity to work with some classmates to build and programme a Mbot. This challenge really got us to collaborate and it really motivated us to keep going. This Mbot was won by Lyndon from the GEG summit we went to last Friday. The hardest part of this process is programming it because we still are trying to figure out how to do it. Besides that I hope Lyndon persuades Mr Johnson to buy some for our school because it requires collaboration, determination and it is a fun experience I think every student in our school should experience.  

Ormiston Google Education Presentation

On Friday 11 August Daniel, Lyndon, Jeremiah, Shannon, Mrs Anderson and I went to the Ormiston Primary to share our knowledge of making animations on google slides. We took a school van to the Ormiston Primary with students from Tamaki Collage. Once we got there I was really nervous. We got signed up and went to our presentation station. We presented our amazing animation presentation to a lot of people from different schools. We helped them create their very own animation on google slides, and I think they did really good. After we presented we went to check out other presentations. The first station we went to was breakout. We were split into two groups and each group had to unlock their box using the clues inside the room. I found it really cool. The last station we went to was robotics, which I thought was the funniest station. We learned to control a robot made of legos using a program. At the end we went to the huge auditorium for the prizes. Lyndon won a mBot. After they gave out the prizes we went back to school.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


This is my flex tangle that I made. We did this because this week is maths week. The next flexagon that we are creating is a hexaflexagon. I'm working on my hexaflexagon. I learnt how to score with scissors. One thing that I like about this flex tangle is that you could create the designs and how it shows different images when you flip it.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Oh how it feels to reminiscence the good days, well that's for the 1970's kids. We took a dance through the decades and Zoe our dance instructor choose three different hits we will dance to. We were split into three different groups for the three different songs. The songs were I see red, Footloose and staying alive. Today I learned something called rewindable learning. Rewindable learning is when you can go back and fix your mistake. My group and I were practicing our dance to I see red. I think we need to work on being in time.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Winter Learning Journey Assembly

Winter Learning Journey Assembly

The Winter Learning Journey program was really fun. For assembly Rachel came to our school to give prizes to the top bloggers of our school. Unfortunately I did not win a prize but I did participate in the Winter Learning Journey program so I got a certificate. I want to give a big thank you to Rachel and her team for making this possible. I really enjoyed learning new facts about the different parts of New Zealand.

Food Tech - Week 3

For food tech we made scones. Scones are a delicious easy to make bread/cake. My partner Affonso and I had separate jobs. I worked on cutting the meat and Affonso worked on the butter. Once we finished mixing all the ingredients in the large bowl we used a cookie cutter to cut out the scones. While we cleaned our station the scones were in the oven cooking. After a couple of minutes the scones were done and ready to eat. I really enjoyed making and eating the scones!!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The suffrage movement

Our focus for reading is the suffragette movement. My group and I had a learning conversation about the movement. The suffragettes were a group of women who fought for the equal rights to vote in the election. We shared the different information we learned from a video we watched about the suffragettes. We turned all of our information about the suffragette movement into a 25 word summary. I found it amazing that New Zealand was the very first country to win the rights for women to vote.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Hyperbole Writing

Our focus today for writing was hyperboles. A hyperbole is when you use extreme exaggeration in a sentence. For example "My heart pounded out of my chest", that is impossible but it is used to express an emotion. I wrote a story about my unfortunate walk home that include at least five hyperboles. I found that putting hyperboles into my writing can make it more interesting.

Ordering Frcations

Today for maths I played an ordering maths  game. I had to order the fractions from lowest to biggest. I found it easy because I already know my fractions. For the test I got 4 out of 4 which is 100 percent.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Why is it so important to keep oral storytelling alive?

Storytelling has been passed down from many generations. It is important to keep storytelling alive so that people learn about the tradition and the culture.

Ofa and I have researched about the Maori storytelling. We have watched videos on why it is so important to keep oral storytelling alive. Using the words we found most important we made a 25 word summary. From researching about the Maori storytelling I have learnt the importance of telling a story. 

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How Maui Slowed The Sun

Ofa and I made a comic strip using Storyboardthat about how Maui slowed the sun. We made this comic strip to show you rather than tell you the story. In each scene it shows you a part of the story. I found it challenging to find the right scenes from the story that would  best.

Ordering Fractions

Today for maths I played an ordering fractions. I had to put the fractions in order of lowest to highest. I found this task very easy.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

For this winter learning journey I had to blog about my week. I had to write what I learnt, what I liked and what I disliked.

I have learnt a lot from the winter learning journey blogging program this term. It has taught me a whole lot more about New Zealand. It has sent me all over New Zealand doing very fun activities. I really enjoyed researching about different native animals. There was nothing I disliked. I always love learning new things and I'm always up for the challenge. I have learned about new places like Otago Central Rail Trail and seafood restaurants that I would really love to visit one day. I learned about a very cool movie called Whale Rider. It is about a girl named Pia. It sends a strong massage and I recommend the movie. I have learnt a lot of new facts. Did you know that New Zealand invented the bungee jump? Are you aware that Hector Dolphins are native animals in New Zealand and can only be found in New Zealand? I really enjoy participating in the winter learning journey blogging programs and I can't what till the next one!!

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 14

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 14

For this winter learning journey activity I had to take a photo of my self doing something I found relaxing. I find reading relaxing because you can really use your imagination and escape from the outside world. What do you find relaxing?

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 13

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 13

1. Pick up rubbish even if it's not mine
2. Inform people what happens when you drop rubbish
3. Add more bins

For this winter learning journey activity I had to come up with three different ways to keep my neighborhood clean. Rubbish has a big affect on our environment and if we don't do anything it can damage our bodies. Hopefully this can also help you to keep your neighborhood clean.

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

Today for this winter learning journey activity I had to watch three different hakes performed by the All Blacks. After watch the videos I had to put them in the order of which one was the best. The first haka I thought was very powerful would agree?

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 12

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 12

Image result for matariki festival 2017
For this winter learning journey activity I had to go on to the Matariki festival at Te Papa website. On the website I had to look at all the different events. I had to choose one to write about. I choose the Matariki Light Trail. I choose the Matariki Light Trail because of the magical landscape and all of the cool things you can see.

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 11

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 11

For this winter learning journey activity I had to go on a waka and travel to New Zealand for the first time. I had to write poem on how I would feel.
C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Waka picture.jpg
My heart beats fast
Heads turn
Everybody staring at me
I jump off the waka
I'm surrounded by all these people
The different patterns on their faces

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

Image result for otago rail trail

For this winter learning journey activity I had to look at the Otago Central Rail Trail. The Otago Central Rail Trail is a 150 km long cycle trail. I had to write If I would go cycling there or not and why. I would really love to go cycling there one day, its sound really exciting! I would like to go cycle there one day because I love riding my bike and I would really like to see the beautiful nature.

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 10

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 10

For this winter learning journey activity I had to research about a famous person from New Zealand. After researching about my famous person which was Russell Crowe I had to make DLO about him. I used the information from a website and put it in my own words.

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 9

Winter Learning Journey - Activity

For this winter learning journey activity I went on a walk with Curious Kiwi through a forest. While walking I noticed that Curious Kiwi is nowhere to be found. Now I have to write 8-10 sentences on what while happen next.
Image result for cartoon forest

I look around and Curious Kiwi is nowhere to be found. My heart starts to race my hands start shake. I feel the wind glide against my back. "Curious Kiwi, Curious Kiwi" I cried. I look in every direction with my back against the tree. Then suddenly I hear bush rattle. It sent chills up my spin. Then I felt a soft tap on my shoulder. I turned as quickly as possible to see..... Curious Kiwi! I took a big breath of relief.

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus activity

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus ActivityImage result for hector dolphin

For this winter learning journey bonus activity I had to research about Hector Dolphins. Sadly, Hector Dolphins are getting stuck in fishermen's nets. People are getting mad and agree that fishing in Farewell spit should be banned. In my opinion I think fishing in Farewell should be banned because of the endangerment its doing on Hector Dolphins. These are very rare native animals that can only be found in New Zealand.

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 8

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 8

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Whale Rider movie poster.jpg
For this activity I had to watch two trailers on the movie Whale Rider. After watching the two trailers I had to give it a rating out of 5. I thought the trailers were good so I gave it a 4. After watching the trailers I had to write a summary about it.
This movie is about a girl named Pai. Pai had a twin brother who was selected to be next chief but unfortunately he died at birth. However she survives. Now no matter what it take Pai trains hard to prove that she is worthy of being the chief.

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 7

Winter Learning Journey  - Activity 7

no caption
For this winter learning journey activity I had to read about the beach that became a whale grave. Sadly, the whales got caught and washed up on the beach. Unfortunately, there are over 300 whales that have washed up on the beach. After reading about it I had to describe what the people where doing to help the whale.

1. People were offering towels and shirts to cover the whale
2. They were using pots buckets to grab water and pour it on the whale to keep it wet 
3. People stayed until night fall helping the poor whales.

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 6

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 6

For this winter learning journey activity I had to research about the New Zealand predator free. It is about being free of all predators like the Possum. I had to read about it and say if I agreed or disagreed. Then I had to write three reasons why I disagreed or agreed with their decision.

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 5

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 5

For this winter learning journey activity I had to go on to Adopt a Critter page to adopt a animal. I choose to adopt the Kea. From researching about this type of parrot I have found out a lot about it. Did you know that Keas are omnivorous?

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

1. Swimming
2. Playing on the Park
3. Riding a bike
4. Playing with friends and family
5. Climbing Trees

For this winter learning journey activity I had to interview a family member. I decided to interview my younger sister Victoria. I asked her what are 5 things she likes doing outside.

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 4

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 4

Question 1 - How did you feel the first time you sailed solo?
Question 2 - What is your favourite thing to do?
Question 3 - What is the longest time you have ever sailed solo?
Question 4 - What is your favourite food?
Question 5 - Why do you love to sail?

For this winter learning journey activity I had to watch a video about a 16 year old solo sailer named Laura Dekker. After watching the video I had to come up with 5 questions that I would ask Laura Dekker. It amazes me that she was only 16 years old and she was sailing on her own.

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 3

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 3

For this winter learning journey activity I had to visit three different places in Auckland, Rangitoto, Karekare and Tane Mahuta. After researching about these places I had to choose one I found the most interesting and say why I choose it. Out of the three places I choose Rangitoto. I choose Rangitoto because of the amazing way it was formed. Did you know that Rangitoto was formed by a lot of eruptions?

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

For this winter learning journey bonus activity I had to create a new design for the flag of New Zealand. To create this flag I used the website Flag Designer. The blue in my flag represents the blue sea and sky. The red on my flag represents the union jack and lastly the ferns on my flag represent honour for those who carry it.

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 2

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 2

For this winter learning journey activity I had to watch a video about Auckland. The video talked about some of the different places in Auckland. After watching the video I had to list 5 places I found interesting. In this google slide I have written something about each place I listed.

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 1

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 1

For this winter learning journey activity I had to go on the Tourism New Zealand website and found out more about New Zealand. After researching I had to choose three facts I found interesting and turn them into my own words. I included images to give you a better understanding.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Term 2 Reflection

Term 2 Reflection

I have learnt a lot from term 2. I have really enjoyed learning about different areas. I really enjoy solving hard problems in maths because it is testing my prior knowledge skills. In writing I have learned to use more interesting words and how to express my creativity in a more interesting way. I have accomplished a lot in term 2. I learned how to solve problems using different strategies and how to summaries a story. In term 2 I have learned how to work as a team and have a learning conversation. Camp was a very fun trip. I had fun with all my friends and accomplished some of my goals. I have learned a lot about how to keep our environment clean and how to reduce our plastic. From doing a lot of research about plastic I now know that it is not only damaging our environment but it is also hurting animals. In term 2 I have learned a lot more about things I didn't know about like affects of plastic, water pollution and how to dance. I have had a great experience.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Term Two Evaluation

I have recently finished the evaluation of term 2 that Mrs Anderson wanted us to do. Learning Space 2 is a place where I have been learning a lot about different areas. It was challenging to fill out some of the questions like what I think we should do next term. I can't wait what next term has installed for us.

Tamaki Wrap

To show our understanding I have chosen to create a Prezi with Jeremiah and Fraidon. My Prezi includes the effect our littering has on animals and our learning with Tamaki Wrap. This month people from all around the world are participating in Plastic Free July. Plastic Free July is a challenge where you can not use plastic for the whole month. If you would like to join Plastic Free July click here.

Dance DLO

For the last session of dance we had to make a DLO on our challenges in dance. This DLO includes what i found challenging and to explain our challenge. I worked with Eric to make this dance learning DLO. From dance I learned how to make shapes with my body.

Moses Fleetwood Walker

5 ways to deal with haters & trolls

Today for cyber smart we watched a video on ways to deal with haters and trolls. San Kyaw and I worked on a DLO on how to deal with haters and trolls using the information from the video. From this I learnt about what I could do if this ever happens to me.

Rubbish Summary

Yesterday, Miss Apelu who was a visiting teacher from Tamaki college came into LS2. After Mrs Anderson read a short text, we had to write down all of the words we were important. Then, we had to pick out 20 words we found important from the words we wrote down. After that we picked the 6 most important words from the 20 words and used them to write a short summary. I was in a group with Sylis, Mataio and Oh Hsen to show our way of learning.

Monday, 3 July 2017

People Power

Today for maths we were given a percentage equation. This equation was asking us to turn numbers into percentages. From this I learned a new formula. E.g 3672 divided by 6057 x 100 divided by 1 = 61%.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Email Etiquette

Video Link

Today for cyber smart we watched a video on how to make a proper email. After watching the video we made a DLO on how to make a proper email from the information we learned. I worked with Mataio and San Kyaw to create this email etiquette DLO. When making an email you always have to have the right grammar and get straight to the point. From this I learned the correct way to make a email.