Tuesday, 3 October 2017

PBS Holiday Blogging Challenge - Day 1 - Activity 1

At Panmure Bridge School the student leaders have created a holiday blogging challenge that helps you to progress you learning throughout the holidays. For this holiday blogging challenge it gives you a virtual tour of New Zealand. For day 1 activity 1 it is about a fun theme park called Rainbow's End. I used my smart searching skills to find out where Rainbow's End can be located in Auckland, how much does it cost for a family pass and how much it would cost for my family to go.


  1. Hello Tiava, Great job on joining in on the LS1 and LS2 Holiday Blogging Challenges. I really like this presentation you made for day 1 activity 1. I like how you used red lines to point out something important and the layout of everything. Great job!

  2. Hi Tiava. Your doing very well again with your blurb and your poster I hope that you would win because you have worked hard.

  3. Hi Tiava!
    Great job on creating this! I like how you drew lines to help people see where the information was. I have a question though: was this activity easy or hard to complete?
    Great work!

  4. Hi Tiava,
    Great job on making this presentation! I like that you put in a lot of information telling us how much it would cost for a family/1 person.