Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Today for maths I was working on my BEDMAS. BEDMAS is the order of operations. B is for brackets, E is for exponents, D is for division, M is for multiplication, A is for addition and S is for subtraction. It was very easy to solve problems with multiple operations because I knew my BEDMAS.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Food Tech - Term 2 Week 4

Food Tech - Term 2 Week 4

Today my group and I had our first session for food tech. Today our teacher was Mrs Tuipulotu. She showed us different sorts of tools and told us what they are used for. The materials needed for this milkshake were a medium measuring bowl, a measuring cup and a blender. First we put two scoops of ice cream and two cups of milk in the medium measuring bowl. Then we saved two Oreo's to put on top of the drink and put the rest of them in the medium bowl. Then we poured the ingredients from the bowl into the blender and blended them together. After, we poured the mixture into two cups for me and my partner Freeman. Then Mrs Tuipulotu put on the whipped cream, heresy chocolate syrup and then the Oreo. We put in the straws and enjoyed the delicious Oreo milkshake.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Dance Group A - Week 4

Dance Group A - Week 4

Today for dance my partner Eric was away so I had helped San Kyaw and Affonso. We had learned more about shapes by watching a video. It told us that their shapes were robotic and they stuck together. Then our teacher had chosen Freeman and Sanujan to show us their warm up. After their warm up I helped San Kyaw and Affonso to pick their music and help them with their shapes. From this dance session I had learned some new angles and shapes. 

Friday, 19 May 2017


Using my research skills I have found out the meaning of reduce, reuse and recycle. Reduce means to make a smaller amount or size. Reuse means to turn something useless into something useful. Recycle means to convert your waste.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Dance Group A

Dance Group A

Today my dance group had to practice our warm up routine with a partner. Mrs Anderson had chosen Miss Lynda's group to guide us through their warm up routine. After the warm up we learned about different types of movements. There were all sorts of movements like twisted, straight, curve, angular, free flow, bound flow and level. Free flow is when you move from the bones and bound flow is when you move from the muscles. Bound flow is when you move like a robot and free flow is when you let yourself go and go wobbly. Level means forming objects in a high, medium or low stance. We were also told to travel. Traveling is when you move around while doing your forms and shapes. From dance I have learnt to combine moves and shapes to make it look more interesting. My favorite part was following Miss Lynda through her warm up because it was new and fun.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

World of Maths

World of Maths

Yesterday morning LS2 and LS1 went to the hall for the World of Maths. We were split into a bunch of groups. The first activity my group did was peripheral vision. What you have to do was put your nose on the red dot. Then you have keep yours eyes on the ring while one person would move the right person then do the same for the left person. When you see the person you would have to say stop. After we would look at where they stopped and see if it was the same. This activity was to focus on your peripheral vision. The activity that I liked the most was the pizza pie. What you had to do was place the pieces on the pizza. Then you would have to say what the fraction is and divide the fraction from the 360 degrees. For example if the fraction was three you would do 360 divided by 3 equals. I liked the end problem for the pizza pie because it was challenging.

Word Cline - Best

Today for the chunky challenge I had to find words that had est at the end, start or middle of the world. I had chosen to make a word cline about the word best.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017



Today for writing I had worked on similes. A simile is when you compare someone or something using like or as. For this task I had to find the right missing piece to finish off the simile. I found it easy to match them up because most of them sounded familiar. After I had chosen a simile to explain what is means.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Care Award - Confidence - Leading a school assembly

Care Award - Confidence - Leading a school assembly
For one of my silver confidence activities I had to lead a school assembly. The C stands for confidence, the A stands for attitude, the R stands for respect and the E stands for excellence and innovation. I had led the school assembly with my classmate Calvin. We had to speak loud and clear so everyone could hear us. At first I felt nervous but in the end I felt confident.

Tech Term 2 - Hard Materials

Today for Hard Materials I had to use super glue to glue the window on. Then while I had to what for it to dry I tried my best to improve my drawing. I also had to have a good reason for why I chose this design, who's it for and where will I put it. I had to improve these things for top marks on my design. Then after waiting a while the glue dried and it was time to glue on the door. I used a piece of wood for the door and a piece of plastic for the window. Now I have finally finished my design.

Thursday, 11 May 2017


Today we had our first lesson of dance. First we did a warm up. A warm up is when you prepare for a physical activity by exercising. It is important to warm up before exercising because if you don't you can be injured or badly hurt. If you do warm up it helps the blood flow and gets you more awake and flexible for your physical activity. After doing a warm up we had to find a buddy and create our own warm up routine. I enjoyed practicing our warm up and making a warm up of our own. I think I need to practice on being more in sync with my partner Eric.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

True & False

For this true and false activity I was given a list of facts. I had to use my prior knowledge to put them in the correct column true or false. These facts were based on the world war.

End of WW2

My partner and I had made a google slides on the end of world war two. We did research on allies and axis. We also researched about the bombing of pearl harbour. Then we did the reason how the nuclear bomb caused the end of world war two.

Pizza Strategy

For maths I had to use a strategy I knew to figure out the equation. The question was our local Pizza Place has only two tables but they are quite big. If each table holds 7 people how many people can be seated altogether? I used my seven times table to work out this equation.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Term 2 Week 1 - Hard Materials

Today for hard materials I had to finish off the roof and the windows. First I started to work on the roof. I hat to glue the piece of wood on the inside of the roof lid. Then I had to glue on the face of the house. Once I was finished I had to mark the middle of the roof and glue on the chimney.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Making Connections

I had to read a book called When the wind blows and do a text to text, text to world and text to self. Text to text is when you make a connection between the story and another text you have read. Text to world is when you make a connection between the text and what happened in the world. Text to self is when you make a connection or reaction to the story you have read.

Current Events

Our current event is about China banning ivory.A poacher is someone who hunts and kills animals illegally. China is the biggest country known to sell ivory. China is now getting an expert team to go and shut down all the stores that sells ivory. I viewed both points of view and seen their facts and opinions. The sources at the top helped me create an informed opinion about their actions.

"ake" Chunky Challenge

For the Chunky Challenge I had to write down all the words I knew that started and finished with ake. Then I had to write a simple, complex and compound sentence with a ake word in it. Once I finished I chose to display all the words I knew with ake in them on word cloud. For this challenge I used my prior knowledge.