Friday, 13 April 2018

Summary and Feeadback - Maori Battalion

In reading we have been looking at different forces that had a huge impact in world war 1. My reading group are researching native contingent (Maori battalion). To help us get a better understanding from the text, we read the text as a group then we gave our partner feedback and constructive criticism that will help them in their reading. After that we created a summary. First we had to find 20 interesting words from the text, then we chose the 6 most vital words from those words. We then used those words to create our short summary of the book we read.

TinkerCad - Design Process

Today at tech we created a google slide on how to use TinkerCad. I took screenshots of what I was talking about to give people a better understanding. The first time I used TinkerCad I found it easy because my graphics teacher Mrs Ferguson helped me. 

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Public Health Nurse

Today I have completed an activity for my attitude award. It is about the public health nurses in our school and why they are important. I think they are very important because they help people to be healthy and prevent rheumatic fever. They are also role models because they have positive attitudes and are devoted to help people.

Maori Battalion

Captain Malcolm McGregor was an aviator. I chose to research him because he is very inspirational and was a very smart man. The top DLO is our opinions on if we should remember the soldiers of the Maori battalion. In my opinion I do think we should remember. These are my groups DLO's we created to help us understand the text we are reading.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Angles - Multiple Rays

Today SanujanJeremiah and I partnered up to complete a worksheet that was based on finding angles. To help us we used something called a protractor. First of all we found it pretty challenging because we were doubting our selves and we were using different techniques that did not work. After a while Miss Morris told us how to use it properly. After that we were either right or an angle out. We found this very interesting and a bit challenging.