Monday, 25 May 2015

The day of the mercule

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At 7:00 in the shed Michael and his brother Captain Roger were getting ready for the parade when Roger pulled out a gun and pointed at his brother's leg and shoot twice, then Roger punched him in the face knocking him out.
When Michael woke up he noticed he was in a bag.Then he got scared and start trying to move around to get out and when he landed on his side he felt something hard when he took it out it was a pistol.After he found the gun he shot a hole in the side of the bag and torn it open as quietly as possible.When he came out of the bag he tried to find a phone.After running around Michael found a phone and called the police and told them everything. Then after 5 minutes of waiting there his brother came and saw him on the ground with the gun, then he pulled out his gun getting ready to shoot him again, but before he could shoot the police tackled him down from behind and took the gun off him and took michael to the police station. Then months later Michael became Captain of the army.