Monday, 11 December 2017

Sports Leader Speech

 Today I said my sports leader speech in front of my class and my teachers Mrs Anderson and Mrs Kirkpatrick. At first I was nervous but when I started I felt really confident. I think I would make a great sports leader.

Hi my name is Tiava. You should vote for me as the 2018 sports leader. I want to be sports leader because I am active and I really enjoy sports. I am good at interacting with children and adults and I am a very confident speaker. I am a reliable and trustworthy person. I want to step up and be a leader to guide other people and be a great role model. I want to represent the school and set a good example for the younger children and my peers at Panmure Bridge. For as long as I’ve attended Panmure Bridge School I participated in all different kinds of sports. I enjoy sports so much and I know there’s much more to learn. I have a lot of knowledge about the different sports that I’ve participated in that I can also share with my fellow students. If I were to be chosen as sports leader, I promise to do my best to ensure that all students who wish to participate in sports, do so and have an enjoyable time learning and playing as a collective group effort. I am confident that I have the qualities of being an amazing sports leader.

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