Sunday, 9 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 7

Winter Learning Journey  - Activity 7

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For this winter learning journey activity I had to read about the beach that became a whale grave. Sadly, the whales got caught and washed up on the beach. Unfortunately, there are over 300 whales that have washed up on the beach. After reading about it I had to describe what the people where doing to help the whale.

1. People were offering towels and shirts to cover the whale
2. They were using pots buckets to grab water and pour it on the whale to keep it wet 
3. People stayed until night fall helping the poor whales.


  1. Hi Tiava
    It's sad how so many whales died on that beach (Farewell Spit). Despite the local people trying to help, many of those poor whales died. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Tiava. Like Daniel, said, it's very sad to hear Whales dying from this. Hopefully what locals are doing is enough to save these poor Whales. You are doing really well with the Winter Learning Journey activities, keep it up.

  3. Hello Tiava, it is really great to see that people are trying to help the whales by pouring buckets of water on them. It is super sad that whales are dying. Keep up the fantastic work.

  4. Hi Tiava
    It's sad that so many whales died. Do you think that the whales knew of the danger?
    Good job on describing what people did to save the whales

  5. Hey Tiava!

    Isn't it mazing that so many people stayed up all night to help the whales! It sounds like most of the time they were running back and forth from the sea trying to keep the whales wet. Do you think you would jump in and help?