Sunday, 9 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 12

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 12

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For this winter learning journey activity I had to go on to the Matariki festival at Te Papa website. On the website I had to look at all the different events. I had to choose one to write about. I choose the Matariki Light Trail. I choose the Matariki Light Trail because of the magical landscape and all of the cool things you can see.


  1. Hi Tiava
    The matariki light trail would be pretty cool. Especially at night where the lights will stand out (It probably is at night anyway). Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Tiava. Like Daniel said. it would be pretty cool to see the Matariki light trail. I really like how you have added an image to go with your blogpost. Keep on working hard.

  3. Hello Tiava, Like Daniel and Oh Hsen has said. It would be awesome to see the Matariki Light Trail. Especially during night because you could easily see them. Keep on working hard.

  4. Hi Tiava
    The light trail sounds really cool! If you could do it again would you?
    Great work

  5. Kia Ora Tiava!

    I love that you have included a picture with every one of your posts!

    To earn full points for this activity, can you tell me about two more of the events that happen at the Matariki Festival at Te Papa?

    Nicky :)