Thursday, 3 May 2018

Hineahuone (The First Woman)

This week for reading we have been learning about a Maori legend called the first woman (Hineahuone). This story is about how the first woman on earth came to be. Tane Mahuta (god of the forest) prised apart Ranginui (father of the sky) and (Papatuanuku) mother of the earth. Once Tane Mahuta and his brothers were finished making all things on earth they noticed that there were no other people to enjoy it with. With that being said they went and begged the gods to help them make the first woman on earth. They used red earth to form her and the breath of Tawhiri Matea, god of the wind to give her life. Once learning the story my pranter Zane and I used storyboard to retell the legend through pictures.


  1. Kia ora Tiava, my name is Alexandria (AJ) and i go to paihia school. I am a year 6. I think your storyboard is really good, Just a question did you use a device to make the storyboard or did you draw and write it?.
    Alexandria (AJ)

  2. Great article and thanks for your work.You made an article that is interesting.