Sunday, 10 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey - No Girls Allowed

In this activity I had to say if in my opinion the rule were women being forbidden from competing in the Ancient Olympics is fair or not if so, Why or why not?


  1. Hi Tiava
    I agree with you I think girls should have been allowed to compete in the Olympics. You have used good reasons why they should of competed. I think your reasons would have persuaded someone because these reasons are amazing. You should definitely check my blog out and maybe you could leave a comment on one of my posts

    Well Done

  2. Hi Tiava and Mia!

    I completely agree with both of you. I really believe that women deserve the same right as men to compete at the Olympic Games. Fortunately, our modern day Olympic committee agrees with us and both men and women are invited to participate. Speaking of the modern Olympics, I am pretty excited about the upcoming games in Rio. I plan to watch as much of the coverage as I can. What about you?

    Cheers, Rachel :)

  3. Hello Tiava, I strongly agree with you. Women should of been allowed to do the same things as men because we are all human. We should all be treated the same.