Sunday, 10 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey - Vinicius and Tom

In this activity I had to watch a episode of Vinicius and Tom. After watching a episode I had to do a summary of it and tell what I think is happening.

Vinicius & Tom Episode #1
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Summary: In this episode Vinicius is trying to capture a orange light and Tom is trying to capture a blue light. When the two lights lead Vinicius and Tom to a mountain top they combine and Vinicius and Tom touch hands.

What I think is happening: I think that in this episode Vinicius and Tom were born and they meet and become friends.    


  1. Well done Tiava for having a go on the Winter Learning Journey. I like how you have wrote a informative summary about Episode1#
    By Mele- LS1

  2. Hi Tiava!

    This is a nice summary of the episode. It captures the most important elements of the programme and also provides us with some insight into what you personally think about the show. I really enjoy reading reviews that contain both a summary and a personal insight or suggestion. Thanks for including both!

    Keep up the great work, Tiava. There are four more days left in the Winter Learning Journey and plenty of fun activities left to explore!


    Rachel :)