Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Ormiston Google Education Presentation

On Friday 11 August Daniel, Lyndon, Jeremiah, Shannon, Mrs Anderson and I went to the Ormiston Primary to share our knowledge of making animations on google slides. We took a school van to the Ormiston Primary with students from Tamaki Collage. Once we got there I was really nervous. We got signed up and went to our presentation station. We presented our amazing animation presentation to a lot of people from different schools. We helped them create their very own animation on google slides, and I think they did really good. After we presented we went to check out other presentations. The first station we went to was breakout. We were split into two groups and each group had to unlock their box using the clues inside the room. I found it really cool. The last station we went to was robotics, which I thought was the funniest station. We learned to control a robot made of legos using a program. At the end we went to the huge auditorium for the prizes. Lyndon won a mBot. After they gave out the prizes we went back to school.

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