Friday, 15 June 2018

Pewter Casting - Tech - T2 W7

This is our second session of our new rotation in pewter casting. Today's tech session was about finishing our workbooks and going on to making our designs. Once I finished uploading the images onto my workbook I chose the final image I would use to create my design. I also wrote down The reasons why I chose the image and why I chose to do it for that person. I decided I would want to give the chef's hat necklace to my mom because she has done a lot for me. After I finished my work book I printed it and used a technique to copy it from the piece of paper onto the piece of wood. Our teacher Mr Grundy helped me to create the opening. He taught me how to use the Scroll Saw to cut out my design. I have melted the pewter and poured into my design so I am now up to sanding it. These pewter casting sessions are helping me to understand the process of making a necklace out of pewter.

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